In a laboratory deep underground in the city of KlayDuck, a mad doctor created a virus. And as the virus spreads through the city, many ducks are infected and turned into zombies. However, after a while, Dr. Na Cheon-jae created a cure, and many zombies were treated. After treatment, zombies could not live with normal ducks, so all the zombies were quarantined in area F except for some hidden zombies. And the police stormed the doctor's laboratory, but the doctor was not there, and the subjects escaped from the laboratory because of the explosion. They hid in the city. After a while, the city regained stability and residents returned to their daily lives. And now, the doctor is conducting another experiment in a laboratory deep underground that no one knows about.

The city has put up gold statues of heroes 
who have saved people 
after the zombie virus outbreak in the city right away.
There are 77 gold statues.

===KlayDuck 10077 collection===

77 gold

2500 Legendary & Epic
7500 Rare & normal

5~6 properties


2~4 properties


4~5 properties


2~3 properties

Normal Duck

There are 7500 normal and Rare.
20% Yellow, white 
14% pink, gray 
10% blue, purple
4% spotted, bluegray

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# KlayDuck characters and story creation

# Web page production. Creating a discode server

# KlayDuck Mint Start 5/17/2022

# ​Produced goods after selling 10077 units. (Details will be provided later)

#Every 1000 nft mints, an airdrop event is held for holders.

#After the sale of 10077 units is completed, page 2 proceeds immediately.

KlayDuck is a Profile Picture (PFP) project
10077 Total KlayDuckCity will be minted.

What Rights Do I Have To The Artwork?
You are free to do with your KlayDuck as your heart desires.
By purchasing a ​KlayDuck, you are granted full 
and complete rights to do whatever you want with your NFT 
and the artwork included, commercially or otherwise.